Four spindles woodworking CNC Router HZ-CNC1325

Four spindles woodworking CNC Router HZ-CNC1325

1). Four process switching head, tool change process is uninterrupted,

the automatic tool change program can process the product in large quantities, automatic execution without manual intervention.

2). Servo drive system , stable performance.

3). High quality vacuum platform, can help achieve the perfect cutting effect.

4). Good dust collector effect, can take away 95% dust, keep clean working environment.

5). CNC machine use computer control, simple operation, greatly improving work efficiency.

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1.Application materials:

Plate-type furniture, custom furniture, office furniture, solid wood furniture, wooden cabinet wardrobe,

cabinet door, closet door, MDF wood doors, craft wooden door, paint free door, TV cabinet, computer table,

bedside table, shoe cabinet, bookcase, entrance cabinet, display cabinet, medicine cabinet, wooden speaker, wooden kitchen cabinet, screen, craft window.

Applicable to many kinds of wood plates, automatic switching processing, high-speed intelligent cutting, slotting and drilling.

It can be used for large area MDF wood board and solid wood boards’ plane milling, engraving, hollowing, cutting, 3D relief etc diversified processing, wide range of uses, cost-effective.

2 .Technical parameters:

Machine: Four spindles CNC Router with pushing function
Model HZ-CNC1325
Device Dimension 3400*2400*1860mm
Platform size 1300*2550mm
Work area(X,Y,Z) 1300*2500*200mm
Travelling speed 40m/min (MAX)
Working speed 20m/min (MAX)
Working voltage  AC380V/3PH/50HZ
Spindle power Air-cooled 6KW*4 
Spindle speed 18000RPM *4
Device architecture De-stressing and finishing milling, one molding process,

Anti-jamming independent cabinet, high structural stability and small deformation

Driving system  Leadshine servo motor and driving system
Transmission parts Alloy hardened Rack and pinion, TBI Ball screw transmission and Hiwin linear rail
Operating system Shenzhen Shanlong L1000 with Handheld
Positioning method High precision automatic positioning cylinder
Countertop structure Vacuum adsorption platform
Inverter BEST 7.5KW high precision inverter
Pushing mechanism Floating automatic pushing mechanism with secondary dust removal
Lubrication system Oil pump centralized lubrication control
Security system Overtravel protection, electrical protection etc.
Dust collector High power automatic dust collector with dust collector hood
Standard accessories 1 7.5KW water-cooled vacuum pump 1 set
2 5.5KW double barrel dust collector 1 set
3 Tool box 1 set

3 . High quality configuration:

4.Four spindles woodworking CNC Router photo:

5. Wood door, furniture, cabinet engraving and cutting samples:



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