4 Axis CNC Router with Rotary attachment HZ-R1325

4 Axis CNC Router with Rotary attachment HZ-R1325

1. X, Y, Z working area: 1300*2500*200mm, Rotary attachment diameter 400mm, length 2500mm

2.Max. rapid Speed: 0-32000mm/min

3. Max. working Speed :0-20000mm/min

4. Spindle Power Motor: 3.0kw/4.5kw/6.0kw/7.0kw Italian HSD spindle

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CNC Router HZR-1325R with rotary axis

Main features:

Shandong HONZHAN CNC Router HZR-1325R with rotary axis is one of the most popular models for many applications. We offer any options for this model for different industries. Besides, the machine with rotary axis is one of the state of the art CNC machines designed and developed for carving industry focusing on cylindrical as well we flat engraving/carving and cutting application with its 4th axis in place making 3D carving on cylindrical surface on any wood. The machine is easy to use, you will be achieving basic routing tasks and reducing your pieces in on time


  • Special size table.From1220*1300mm~2000*6000mm
  • Vacuum table or Aluminum T-slot extrusion table
  • Automatic lubricating system
  • Mist cooling system
  • Machine moving feel
  • Servo system
  • Dust collecting system
  • Different power of spindles


This machine in multiple use, keep in mind the diversity in wood carving and cutting industry for carving doors, windows, table legs chair legs, staircase columns, 3D god relief and many more interior decorative purpose. Our CNC Router HZR-1325R with side rotary attachment is all in one machine that serves all.

Technical parameters

CNC router HZR-1325R with rotary axis

Model Description HZR-1325R
1 X, Y, Z working area 1300*2500*200mm, rotary diameter according to customer demand.
2 Table size 1465*3000mm
3 Resolution ±.03/300mm
4 Repeatability ±0.02mm
5 Lathe Structure Welding structure
6 X Structure Rack pinion and linear rails
7 Y Structure Rack pinion and linear rails
8 Z Structure Ball screw and linear rails
9 Max. consume power 10.5kw
10 Max. rapid Speed 0-32000mm/min
11 Max. working Speed 0-20000mm/min
12 Spindle Power Motor 3.0kw/4.5kw/6.0kw/7.0kw Italian HSD spindle
13 Spindle Speed 0-18000rpm
14 Working Mode Stepper motor
15 Working Voltage AC220V/380V,50/60Hz,3PH
16 Command Code G Code (*uoo,*nc,*mmg,*plt)
17 Operating System Windows control system
18 Interface USB
19 System Memory 128M(or flash drive)
20 X,Y Working Delicacy <0.01mm
21 Software Artcam express, Vectric, Aspire

CNC Router working sample:

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