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HONZHAN WOOD CNC ROUTER production, quality check, wooden package, delivery 

HONZHAN WOOD CNC ROUTER, High quality CNC router, production, quality check, wooden package, delivery HONZHAN WOOD CNC ROUTER Read More
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China best CNC router CNC cutting machines HONZHAN brand

Wooden door, furniture, wardrobe CNC cutting machines factory in China. Contact us for more information . Alice Wang Shandong Honzhan Decoration Engineering Co.,Ltd Tel/WhatsApp/Viber/WeChat: +8618660396497 E-mail: Four spindles CNC router with dust collector, vacuum table Automatic tool changer CNC router, wood CNC cutting machine hz-1325 wood cnc router Read More
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HONZHAN Brand DTG T-shirt printer – good quality printing effect

White T-shirt printing samples:     Read More
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DTG printer, white ink clogging worried? Looking for our company to solve.

Our company produce DTG printers (Direct to garment printers) all use White ink circulation system. Completely solve the white ink clogged problem and prevent the white ink easily clogged.

Contact us for business cooperation.

Shandong Honzhan Decoration Engineering Co.,LtdE-mail: +8618660396497 […]

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DTG printer is famous T-shirt printing machine

Ťhis is our Epson4910 printhead DTG printer, Epson printing resolution and this printer can print on three T-shirts at one time. Read More